The world's largest
real-world brain dataset

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Contribute to the creation of the world's largest ADHD real-world brain dataset. Join our network of collaborators who are dedicated to advancing brain research and improving patient outcomes.

Simplicity in real-world data generation

Our headset is designed for ease of use.  

Access the data insights of MRI without the cost.

Save time and enhance your patient care by incorporating our user-friendly technology into your practice.

Your partner in patient treatment

Our device is designed to seamlessly integrate into your practice and improve patient adherance.  We're here to enhance your patient care strategies.


Current research studies

While we work towards creating the ultimate companion for clinicians, we invite you to participate in our ongoing research studies. Your expertise is invaluable in shaping the future of brain-related treatments.

Pilot Study

This study aims to test our treatment device in a laboratory environment as well as in the comfort of participants’ own homes.

How you can help:

Share with your patients

Product testing

Contribute to research

Screening Survey

Normative Database

This study aims to understand the individual differences in brain activity. The session takes 45 minutes to complete.

How you can help:

Get involed

Product testing

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